Poems(????) of Childhood

We all went through a childhood;
Some enjoyed it more than others.
Some say how much fun we had,
Was dependent on how mean were our brothers!

Poems(????) for childhood use imagination;
They can be filled with myths and elves.
And if some of these prick your memories;
You should be proud of yourselves!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05

Those Dancing Elves

Don't you love to listen to good music, you can feel the moods and swells,
The instruments seem to blend as one, strings and drums and bells.

I observed it first in our children and now of our grandchildren it's also true,
There's a shine in their eyes as they listen with glee, It's an unexplainable hue.

The notes just seem to flow into their ears and I know it's even true of myself,
The music fills our heads and eyes with visions of fine dancing elves!

You say you've never seen them? You may be missing a lot!
Just listen to really good music, and pretend that you're still a tot!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 12/96