Poems(????) of Whimsy

Poems(????) in the category "whimsy;"
Are the one's that can really be fun.
They don't need to be true – what words can be used?
Fantastic? – Imaginary? – Bizarre? – every one!

It helps if your mind is one that hasn't grown up;
Immature is what "eggheads" might call it!
But all I can say is it's where the funs at;
Being called "mature" would just give me a fit!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05

"Goofy" Poetry(????)

I received this note via e-mail
from an Uncle of some note;
"What's this about "goofy" poetry?"
is really what he wrote.

I can't imagine who told him this,
'cause of course it's just not true;
The poems(????) I write may not be classics,
but "goofy" are only a few!

There are "4-liners" the Girls helped with
'bout animals that are real,
The Granddaughters worked hard on these –
they really showed some zeal.

For each of their "ABC's"
an animal they did pick;
And Grandpa made an animal rhyme,
and he did it really quick!

There are quite a few "get well" poems(????)
which are silly as you'll see;
They're designed to make the reader realize
how painful things can be.

And if a patient shows no sighs of getting well,
the answer is quite clear;
Another package of poems(????) are sent,
'tis something a person should fear!

Just name a subject and then step back,
and sure enough before too long;
A poem(????) about that subject is done,
or perhaps a big hit song.

Where they come from I'm not really sure,
and to recite them I can't do;
They're just for fun – should be read our loud –
as I hope our Grandkids will do!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 3/99