Poems(????) of Various Themes

There are times when these poems(????) "spill out;"
I really can't categorize them "no-how."
They just don't fit with the other ones;
'tis like having a cow say "bow-wow!"

So I group them together in no special way;
Hoping some will think they are funny!
Have a good laugh – at least a smile;
And why not send me some money?

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05


If you've been in business for any number of years,
There are many things that may add to your fears.

You're troubled with taxes, new laws and such,
But these you'll overcome, without troubling too much.

And if it's the retail trade in which you toil,
There is one major challenge which is probably your foil.

No it isn't the merchandise, 'though their controls make you frown,
It's the lack of caring, dependable, trustworthy people which really gets you down.

Oh yes, there are few of the loyal, the devoted, the strong,
The people who stick with you, even when things go wrong.

They work so hard to make the customers happy,
Even some times when those customers are sappy.

But a lot of people today work just the for the money,
When you request they work for the company, they think you are funny!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 12/96