Poems(????) For the Family

When you've lived as long as we have;
Lot's of things have happened o'r the years.
If lucky we've raised a nice family;
And they're out in the world with their peers!

Lot's of fodder for poems(????) is for certain;
Things just happen in a family!
These poems(????) are just a sample;
Without a family – just what would life be?

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05

A Grandpa

I've been a Grandpa for some time now;
Don't ask me how to be one – I really don't know how.

It's just a thing that we naturally assume;
Kind'a like shoveling snow, or pushing a broom.

The only thing I did to attain this honored name;
Is to help raise the Kids and play the parent game.

It does take some time to become a proper Gramps;
I know of none young enough to attend those youth camps.

One of the benefits of being a Grandfather 'tis true;
You usually have a Grandmother who'll keep you on cue;

Who reminds you of the Grandfatherly duties that you must perform;
Who helps to remind you – no use being norm.

Who helps convince the Grand Kids – though they have not seen it yet;
Their Grandpop can run through a rain storm without even getting wet.

That all the wondrous stories that Grandpa tells are TRUE;
Whether it's a story out of a book, or just tales taken out of the blue!

And if you really listen to Grandpa, he'll tell you how things are;
Grandpas may be NEARLY perfect – but Grandmas REALLY ARE!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 8/99