Poems(????) That Tell a Story

Some stories can be “poems(????)”
But we feel they must rhyme!
Famous poets told great stories;
That pass the test of time!

Their efforts are sometimes serious;
That touch a person’s heart.
Our’s usually try to elicit a giggle;
Maybe tearing your heart apart!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05


The Frustrated Clock

The happy little clock just ticked away,
Telling great time, day by day.

He just did his job the way he thought he should,
And never worried about a thing, which was very good.

But an older clock arrived one day,
And watched the little clock in his dour patriarchal way.

He observed his young sibling with his eager round face,
And said; “Little clock, you can’t keep up this pace!”

“Have you ever stopped to figure how hard you work?”
“You never get any rest – You’ll wear out – just not perk!”

The little happy clock flinched saying; “I just do my best,
I never even thought that I might need some rest.”

“Ticks ticks,” the old clock said,
You really must learn to use your head!”

“Do you know you tick 60 ticks per minute,
I know you’re good, but what benefit is in it?”

“That’s 3600 ticks every hour,”
The little clock shivered and began to cower!

“That’s 86,400 ticks every day!
With no rest you’ll fail, there’s just no way!”

“It’s 604,800 ticks per year!
Some R&R you should really seek!”

“Some 31,449,600 ticks – a batch,
Keep that up and you’ll land in the booby hatch!”

The little clock suddenly felt very dizzy,
What the old clock said put him in a tizzy!

A nervous clock break-down is what he had,
The clock psychiatrist arrived and saw it was bad!

“Little clock,” he said, “Don’t be so stressed.”
With the Doctor’s calmness our clock was impressed.

“How many ticks can you tick at a time, anyway?
As you work so well both night and day.”

“Why all clocks can do just one, no more!
To even think about more makes my head really sore!”

“That’s correct,” intoned the Doctor, in his dulcet tones.
“Just one tick can be done, or you’d really moan!

“So as you awake each morning and face the day,
Take one tick a a time – IT”S THE ONLY WAY!”

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/96