Poems(????) of Inspiration

Poems(????) of inspiration;
Should motivate our thinking.
They should limit our sometimes habit;
Of indulging in thinking that's "stinking!"

Our's often are just in fun;
But invoking ideas is one use!
Trusting you'll find a "good" idea;
That will tease your mind to muse!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 11/05

Sun & Showers

Through each life we all should know, there must be some sun – some showers,
It's sage advice as we wander through life to stop and smell the flowers.

Its up to us to sort things out and if we in fact want to feel snappy,
Just minimize the shower part and really sniff those flowers to be happy.

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 12/96

The Final Main Event

All our lives we work so hard to try to make a living,
To give our families the things they need, with God's help we just keep giving.

Sometimes we must admit we like to look far down the road,
And long for the day when we can quit and lay down our hefty load.

We must beware when we look ahead, on our priorities keep a grip,
We certainly want to set some goals, but still enjoy the trip.

Remember that as you go along and frustrations you are wise to vent,
When you reach that time when you retire, There's just one more main event!

Poetry(????) fortherestofus
Bert Coe 12/96